Work. Life. Style


Alchemista curates one of a kind corporate catering experiences for companies along the East Coast. They partner with premier local restaurants, and provide exclusive menus tailored to an abundance of company needs.

What we did

We re-named, re-positioned and fully re-designed the brand from the foundation up, pivoting the business from one market, single-digit month on month growth into a multi-market, triple-digit MoM growth start-up darling. The brand strategy and name were founded on the insight that when you bring two tangibles together in proper mix, great food and inspired workplaces, can create a greater intangible, smashing work culture. The brand opportunity was to activate the idle workforce (caterers tend to operate heavily Friday-Sunday and stand largely idle during the week) and bring it to use during their otherwise downtime during the week. We call it Work.Life.Style.


Brand Positioning
Marketing Strategy
Channel Strategy
Logo Design
Site Design
Brand Asset Design
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