Debt Defiant


While employers today offer 401(k) plans as part of their benefits packages, far too often employees struggle to pay off their existing loans. Meanwhile, employers face ongoing turnover among their employees, leading to costly recruitment and retraining. Vault’s vision is to unite employers and employees by offering student loan payment as a workplace benefit, to solve financial hardships, foster stability and ensure continual growth among both parties.

What we did

The strategy was founded on three elements - vaults are repositories for financial assets, the brand provides an opportunity for you to “vault” over the hurdle of debt, and the products provide financial headroom / ceilings for employees and employers alike. We geared their insights, technology and ambition, as a launchpad for Vault to project clear communication across generations, to help employees get a jump start on their tomorrow, and to turn HR into debt-busting heroes, meanwhile gaining and retaining the best employees.


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