It’s not me, it’s you

One thing our studio has always struggled with is talking about ourselves.

Our window has a decal that probably sums this up well; “it’s not me, it’s you.”

That means a lot to us.

For one, our overall category (the agency) is a very inward-looking one. I cannot think of another category as self-reflective and plagued with confidence issues. 

But there is a reason we are called HEART. And while the obvious is there – the world is going heavy, brain marketing, etc – there is a core to our name that sets it apart.

We didn’t choose to put our own names on the door.

We didn’t choose to tell a story about ourselves or our product through our name. 

We didn’t make it an invitation.

The core of our brand is based on the heart of culture. The heart of our clients. Getting closer to the heart of the customer. 

The heart of the idea.

I still believe this represents a departure from the category norm. 

I believe it allows us to start and end in a very different place. 

It pushes against the idea that the agency knows best.

Because great strategy and execution comes from translating a clients’ existing knowledge, ambition and objectives into action, from which great creative innovation can be better executed.

To deliver a  transference of emotion from the brand, direct to a consumer’s heart, brain, and wallet.

Which makes sense because, ultimately, we all like money and without trackable, material growth, what’s the point of marketing in the first place.