Break and rebuild the stale, corporate world of at work catering.

Launch a new kind of corporate catering company, one that refused to sacrifice the importance of food at work for standardized menus and diminished margins.

Phoodeez (their name before we worked with them) had 100+ clients ordering meals on an irregular basis from a list of 200+ different restaurants.

As a team of 10 people, the operational failures were everywhere – and control of the product and brand nearly impossible.

But the opportunity was so rich. In an effort to win the talent war, businesses were increasingly looking to provide at work benefits to keep pace – and before unlimited PTO, great food at work was one of the first ones to take off.

The strategy saw Heart uncover the opportunity, a latent work force – catering companies. Caterers operate heavily Friday – Sunday and largely idle during the week. The brand opportunity was to activate that workforce and bring it to use during the week.

We all know that food is more than functional nutrition. It’s comfort, sustenance, communion, love. At work, choosing a meal we genuinely love creates a unique opportunity to ground ourselves and emotionally recharge. It’s no surprise then that we value our work lunches so highly, planning days ahead.

The brand strategy and name were founded on the insight that when you bring two tangibles together (amazing food and inspired workplaces), in proper mix, can create a greater intangible, unique work culture.