Re-Imagining the Future of the Workplace.

Define a path to new market headroom for Keurig’s commercial business, position the business for innovation at the core and design the entire experience to be more than just an end to end sales process.

Coffee prep at home is being replaced by grab and go on the way to work.

At-work coffee is often uninventive (stale drip coffee), the experience is inconsistent (no two break rooms look alike), and the sector is under constant cost pressure given an increased perspective that coffee is a functional means to an end, taste neutral and a commodity.

New market entrants have made rapid competitive inroads, consumers are opting to leave their desks for specialty drinks and the master brand began to suffer from “my dad’s coffee” syndrome. 

None of which are exciting for companies looking to attract and retain talent …

As part of our engagement we have: 

1. Shifted the strategy from trying to own a physical space – the break room – to owning a mindset – the break. 

2. Re-defined brand value as a blend of Excellence of Product and Service, helping position the product portfolio to be a sum of choice wrapped within a system of human attention to detail. 

3. Shifted from declarative messaging to through-the-line demonstration – Elevating the brand promise to celebrate the power of coffee to amplify any experience.

4. Embraced the brand’s ability to be an authority within the category, to take a victory lap, offset timidity and unlock latent potential of the brands deep, unrealized equities.