Mother Dirt

Launching a World First Biotech Product Direct to Consumers

How do you name and position a D2C brand made from “synthetic Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria”, whose existing name, AOBiome+,  screamed “clinical”?

AOBiome+ created radically new technology, proving in the lab that natural probiotics can be synthesized to improve the health and quality of your skin.  

We went back in time to look at the origins of what made probiotics good for the body.

When we are born our first defense mechanism is a coating of probiotics. Many of us – conditioned by fear – spend the rest of our lives using anti-bacterials to wash away bad bacteria (including the good with it). 

We took the opportunity to capture the maternal, human cloaking nature of the product with the word “mother”.

On the other side, the product itself is a kind of synthesized dirt (at least that is our lowbrow understanding of it).

We combined the two, playing off Mother Earth to create Mother Dirt.

The brand has created the microbiome category, was recently acquired by a major CPG company, expanded into Europe and have been featured for its design at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.