Neural Magic

Jiu-Jistuing Big Tech.

Position and Brand an innovative software company to disrupt a high tech, $12bn category with a dominant leader.

Neural Magic is a deep learning software company, pioneering a new way for organizations to use neural networks without requiring specialized hardware accelerators.

It’s a giant slayer up against an established player, NVIDIA, which has a 99% market share.

While NVIDIA may be quickly becoming laggards, with throttled solutions that can’t keep pace. They still have trust.

It might not be the best solution, but no ones getting fired for hiring NVIDIA. 

They may just not come first.

Our brand efforts needed to break through these barriers to give buyers the confidence that their faith in us would give them an unfair advantage over their competition, and make users feel like they were pioneering the next phase of machine learning.

Because Machine Learning is caught in a world of throttled capabilities. But it shouldn’t be this way. 

Our branding re-imagined the human opportunity by redefining what’s possible if you let the imagination of what could be, take over.

In bold contrast with the rest of the category, the design and mark break the boundaries of logic with an Escheresque treatment of dimension.

And it worked, helping earn the attention of venture investors, press and within the talent recruitment world – placing the brand firmly in the lead to rewrite the codes for what’s possible.