Re-imagining global retail through identity, design, brand experience and niche PR experiences.

We have enjoyed a very broad strategic and executional relationship with Puma, having:

1. Been central to launching PUMA’s bespoke, special and premium lines globally since 2016

2. Partnered with internal creative teams and wider strategy as provided by AOR

3. Launched 14 Product lines

4. Deployed across 70+ markets globally

5. Designed everything to be modular and re-skinnable

6. Relied on the use of icons and mnemonics to offset need for translation services

7. Balanced creative appeal for mass audiences, celebrity brands, internal product teams and creative agency leads

8. Brought technical stories to life in a way that people actually want to spend time with them

9. Activated across: Design, Innovation, Prototyping, PR, Collaborations and Branded Retail Experiences